Sharp Sand in Middlesbrough

Cable Sand and Sharp Sand Middlesbrough

Sharp Sand and Cable Sand in Middlesbrough

Sharp sand and cable sand are of a similar texture and size and are used for the dressing off of coarser material and as bedding for slabs and block paving. Whereas sharp sand is best suited to these tasks, cable sand, which is produced by our crushing operations can also be used to surround pipework and protect it from damage from larger objects. We offer cost-efficient prices, timely delivery and high-quality sharp sand and cable sand.

Our selction of products include:

  • MOT Type 1 Recycled
  • MOT Type 1 Quarried
  • Road Planings
  • 6f2 & 6f5
  • Pipe Bedding
  • Sharp Sand and Cable Sand
  • Screened Top Soil
  • Gravel
  • Clean Recycled Aggregate

We operate a large-scale wholesale purchase and retail trade and we put the needs of our customers first in order to provide nothing less than the finest haulage and plant hire services. From our many products for sale such as sharp sand and cable sand, clean recycled aggregate, engineering clay, bulk bags, rock salt and screened topsoil to our industry best services such as skip, plant and grab wagon hire, tipper truck haulage and disposal, dumpy bag delivery, recycling, road sweeping, crushing and screening, pipe bedding and commercial refinishing to name a few, we can be trusted to meet all your needs. Our experience and dedication ensure the highest standard of excavation, haulage and tipping for residential and commercial customers across Middlesbrough.

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