Recycling Centre

Protection and cleanliness of the environment is at the heart of everything we do at Scott Bros, particularly at our home in Teesside.

Our fully licensed recycling centres are based just off the A66 in Middlesbrough, and in Haverton Hill next to the A19, respectively. Both centres are open to cars, vans and pickups, as well as commercial customers. All the materials taken in at the centre are recycled using our range of specialised plant equipment. These processes ensure that we recycle as much as possible with minimal impact on the environment, reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfill.
We have invested £600,000 into our Recycling Plant to increase the amount of waste it recycles by up to 40 percent. The newly-installed recycling line at the Teesside site – capable of processing 50 tonnes per hour – means a greater proportion of waste, once destined for landfill, can now be repurposed. Its introduction has streamlined the process by efficiently segregating larger items for recycling such as metals, cardboard, plastics and wood, which are then sent to a picking line.
As the business has grown in recent years, Scott Bros are increasingly using larger skips – ranging in capacity up to 40 cubic yards – to cope with demand. The new system strengthens the future of the company’s workforce of more than 100, ensuring their time can be used more efficiently and productively.
Our original and smaller recycling line is dedicated to processing smaller grade material. It uses magnet technology, which can retrieve and sort smaller metal items, such as nails, screws and hinges. This measure prevents an estimated one tonne of metal a day ending up in landfill. The plant as recently undergone a £1 million investment upgrade, which has vastly improved safety and efficiency measures.

North Tees Recycle Centre

Scott Business Park
Haverton Hill Road
TS23 1PY

Telephone: 01642 750 444

South Tees Recycle Centre

Bolkow Industrial Estate
Holden Close

Telephone: 01642 750 666

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