Quality compost can be the difference between an average garden and a spectacular one. At Scott Bros we appreciate the importance of looking after the environment and so have recently started recycling green waste into high grade compost.

In 2016 Scott Bros Environmental Services commissioned a new ‘open window’ composting facility and the compost has already achieved accreditation under the PAS100 and CQP as a soil improver in the 0-40mm range. In our first year we expect to compost some 10,000 tonnes of green waste and 50,000 tonnes in the next two years by expanding our operations. Over the Christmas period we now offer a service to the public where they can come and drop off their used Christmas tree’s, which will then be recycled into compost ready to be used.

Currently we receive garden wastes from both Stockton and Middlesbrough Borough Council green waste collections scheme. The green waste is converted to compost in a process that takes around eight weeks, these processes have been audited under the Compost Certification Scheme – and shown to comply with the requirements of the PAS100 protocol – certificate number PR452.

The finished compost can be supplied in bulk by grab vehicles or in 1 metre cube bulk bags.

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