Commercial Refinishing

Based in Billingham, Scott Bros Refinishing operates one of the most comprehensive commercial refinishing workshops in the North East of England.

Whether we are working with new equipment, or repairing or a respraying old, Scott Bros Refinishing can undertake the shot-blasting and paint spraying of some of the largest vehicles and bodies on the road today. We also have a fully certified paint curing oven, it is one of a kind as it is heated primarily by our “on site” biomass boiler which is powered by grade A shredded wood chip made by our recycling centres.

Paint Drying Oven, Paint Curing Ovens or Paint Baking Oven?

The provision of a Paint Drying Oven in a production shop ensures speeding up of the paint drying operation, improved quality of product, increase in the durability of the product, economising the cost of painting the product and lastly, dust free product. Oven dimensions are 5m high and 15m long and can accept most commercial vehicles and plant.

Our dedicated team of staff works according to precise standards, with our customers always coming as first priority. We include global plant and machinery manufacturers, vehicle frame manufacturers and rental fleet operators as clients in this department. The company’s plant and haulage history allows Scott Bros Refinishing to manage the logistics of moving vehicles to and from our refinishing workshop, reducing the need for third party transport and speeding up the overall process. We also have a large transport yard with tight twenty-four hour security so you can be sure your vehicle is always safe on site.

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