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Scott Bros prototype ‘recycled’ brick attracts interest from national housebuilder

December 15, 2021

Scott Bros has announced that it has made a breakthrough in its quest to create a unique brick engineered from recycled waste clay. The firm’s scientist Feysal Shifa has succeeded in producing three prototype bricks which are already attracting interest from one of the UK’s major housebuilders, together with an Australian company specialising in recycled products. Stockton-based Scott Bros says that while it has perfected a method of binding the material together, further research is now required to lower production

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School of Sanctuary recycles playtime with the help of Scott Bros

November 26, 2021

Youngsters at Middlesbrough’s Abingdon Primary School & Children’s Centre are really enjoying their ‘rubbish’ lunchtime play sessions. For the pupils are adapting a host of recycled materials donated by Scott Bros to create their own mini adventure playgrounds, dens, and sculptures – which is breaking down language barriers and helping them develop interactive skills. Abingdon is part of a network of more than 300 primary and secondary ‘Schools of Sanctuary’ committed to supporting young people seeking sanctuary in the UK.

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Scott Bros helps U18 Reds out of ‘tight spot’

November 8, 2021

The free-flowing moves of Eaglescliffe Elementis Under 18 Reds were in danger of being severely constrained by their ill-fitting kit. With fund raising opportunities restricted by the pandemic, the squad of 20 were ready to try and squeeze themselves into last season’s shirt and shorts – until Scott Bros offered to get them out of their tight spot. The Stockton-based firm stepped in to provide them with a full home kit bearing its distinctive logo. Last year it gifted the

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Autumn Budget reaction

October 27, 2021

Bob Borthwick, a director of Stockton-based haulage, plant hire and recycling specialists Scott Bros, welcomed the freeze on HGV excise duty and a planned rise in fuel duty. He said: “Our costs have risen dramatically in recent months due to the soaring price of fuel, so anything that prevent overheads rising further is a relief to a wide-range of businesses that are transport reliant. “We are investing heavily in the circular economy and in recycling and reusing materials in the

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Scott Bros invest over £6m in developing country’s largest ‘urban quarry’

October 12, 2021

Scott Bros is investing more than £6m in the country’s largest ‘urban quarry’ – allowing it to convert more construction and excavation waste into sustainably-produced sand and aggregate. Its current wash plant handles up to 50 tons of inert material per hour, while the new plant will be capable of processing a further 200 tons per hour at the new site off John Boyle Road in South Bank, Middlesbrough – next to the Teesworks industrial zone. The development is expected

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Keeping our area clean: the problem with fly-tipping

September 16, 2021

What is Fly-Tipping? Fly-tipping is the act of illegally dumping waste in an unauthorised area. Typically places where those who partake in the illegal act, think (hope) they won’t get caught doing it, like the countryside or on the side of quiet roads. Rather than using authorised waste removal services, fly-tipping chancers will leave their rubbish anywhere they think they can get away with it. What is wrong with it? As well as ruining the appearance of the landscape of

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Scott Bros recruits scientist to continue ‘filter cake’ research

August 25, 2021

Scott Bros has set up a mini-laboratory and appointed Teesside University science graduate Feysal Shifa to continue his research into finding a commercial application for its ‘filter cake’ residue. Feysal, who has a MSc in Civil and Structural Engineering, is seeking a practical use for the fine-grained clay-based material that is produced by the firm’s £1m wash plant. The ‘urban quarry’ converts construction and excavation waste into high quality sand and aggregate for use in the construction industry. However, a portion of

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Scott Bros brings disabled UK darts championships to Thornaby

August 9, 2021

Scott Bros has played a key part in bringing the World Disability Darts Association’s (WDDA) British Championships to Thornaby later this year. The family-run recycling business will welcome disabled darts players from across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to Thornaby Sports and Leisure Club for October’s keenly contested competition. Seasoned international Gareth Smith, who is WDDA England Coordinator has praised the firm for putting up prize money of between £500 and £1,000 and company director Peter Scott, who runs

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The Formation of Topsoil: Natural vs Commercial

July 19, 2021

There is a big difference between how natural topsoil is formed compared to how commercial topsoil is created. The natural formation of topsoil is a much longer process than a lot of people may realise. Typically, it takes an average of 100 years per inch of soil to be produced. It is formed from rocks that have been weathered and, eventually, organic materials from decaying plants and animals, which enrich the soil and add essential plant-supporting nutrients. The breakdown of

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Scott Bros creates extra jobs as it switches to seven-day operation to meet demand for recycled topsoil and aggregate

April 26, 2021

Scott Bros has ramped up production of its recycled aggregate, sand, and topsoil after switching to a seven-day operation to cope with a rising demand from both commercial and domestic customers. As a result, the family run firm, based in Thornaby, near Stockton, has created four new jobs and is investing £500,000 in additional screens to separate and grade the topsoil to further boost production. In the first two months of the year, it processed 48,000 tonnes of environmentally sustainable

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