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As one of the largest haulage firms in the North East, Scott Bros have been involved in all manner of roles in the past, providing reliable, customer focused service that has been used by all kinds of clients in the past. When we were contacted by the team of the popular BBC series DIY: SOS, we were only happy to lend our services and expertise to their recent project.

During the last series of DIY: SOS, Nick Knowles and the team visited Sunderland, where they met local resident June Finley and her family. June had suffered from ill health for the past four years, was unable to walk, and was left completely dependent on the help and support from her husband, John, in her daily life. June had to sleep on a hospital bed in the kitchen, with no privacy whatsoever and no access to washing or toilet facilities.

As well as transforming the home into a more open, welcoming space, the DIY team added a number of extensions and was able to completely renovate the garden area, opening up a wealth of new possibilities for the whole family.

At the end of a challenging job, Nick and team, along with the help of the local community and Scott Bros, were able to renovate the home from top to bottom, making it a safer, more disabled friendly residence that was far more suited to June’s needs. It was a job that drew on the talents and hard work of all those involved, and gave June and John a more open and functional environment that they could use as a home.

Scott Bros were able to tailor our flexible range of services and solutions to fit the exact requirements needed from the DIY team in order to get the job done, as well as providing a number of skips and other haulage items which meant that the team was able to dispose of building materials quickly and efficiently.

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