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Scott Bros. the Teesside-based recycling company, is increasing its support for the housebuilding industry with an investment to recycle bricks.

The operation, based at Scott Bros.’ North Tees Recycling Centre, will utilise bespoke picking machinery, which is being upgraded by the company’s engineers to process bricks and brick faces, known as brick slips, which can be recycled back into house building.

On average, the business processes in the region of half a million tonnes of construction and demolition waste every year. From this material, the Scott Bros. recycles a large proportion into products such as recycled aggregates.

While brick recycling has always been part of the process, the company has delivered the investment in its systems to enable more house bricks, particularly wire-cut Victorian bricks, which are increasingly in demand from property developers including social housing providers.

The investment is designed to assist developers’ construction programmes as part of the Government’s housing commitment. In last November’s Budget, the Chancellor Philip Hammond announced plans to build 300,000 new homes a year across the UK.

This is in addition to current house building activity, which puts pressure on the brick manufacturing industry that was hit by a number of brick kiln and plant closures during the last recession.

Bob Borthwick, Commercial Manager at Scott Bros., said: “With the expected increase in house building coupled with pressure on the brick manufacturing sector, businesses in the circular economy have an increasingly important role to play.

“Improving our capabilities through this investment in upgraded picking machinery will enable us to return more bricks to the house building sector. It is also another tangible example of the importance of recycling, not only to benefit the environment, which is essential, but also to maximise the resources we have in this country to help businesses and communities.”

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